Open Water thru Assistant Instructor! – Earn College Credit for PADI Courses!

elearningDon’t want to wait for our next Open Water class? Don’t have time for two weekends in a row to complete the Open Water course? Contact the shop today and start class today.

Wanting to start class but have no clue when or where you will finish your course? Just click on the picture to the left of this text and enroll in the on-line course. Once you have finished, choose a dive center to complete your in water training. If completing your course here with us, call us first to save you money for your on-line course with the completion dives scheduled here.

Discover Diving Dive Center has a classroom with plenty of room. Feel free to come have a look at where we will be reviewing the Open Water manual for your day in class. PADI’s new curriculum get’s you ready for your dive training. Come watch your required video on the first day of class with the rest
of your dive buddies and learn all about the training you will recieve. Dive, Dive, Dive!!!
Our weekend class training pool is located in Edgewater which is a short drive, about 20 minutes south of our dive center.

Aqua Park

Take 5 Specialty Courses to earn your Master SCUBA Diver Rating. Call us to learn more!

Adventure Diver Specialty Course: $150 per Specialty requiring 2 dives**

Adventure Diver Specialty Course: $200 per Specialty requiring 4 dives**

Referrals/Check-Out Dives: $305 (Open Water check out dives only) ** weekend schedule

Referrals/Check-Out Dives: $340 (Open Water check out dives only) ** non-weekend schedule

eLearning Completion Dives: $325 (Confined and Open Water dives) ** weekend schedule

eLearning Completion Dives: $475 (Confined and Open Water dives) ** non weekend schedule

Refresher Course (Reactivate): $145

EFR (Emergency First Response/CPR Certification): $100

Discover Scuba Dive (Springs Dive): $145

Guided Tour of Springs up to 1 hour: $145 (2 day notification necessary) Snorkeling gear $20 per day.

For more information on any of these courses, please do not hesitate to contact us.

** Additional fees may apply
(Weekend schedule – Within a normally scheduled class for the month, two weekends in a row)
(Non-weekend schedule – Anytime within the month that dates work for you as well as the instructor, most likely a private or semi-private class schedule)

** Crewpacks (Books) and State Park Spring fees are not included in pricing. Choose to purchase books for class or complete the optional e-learning course to reduce class time. The $20 card processing fee is not included in this price. Non-refundable Deposits are required to secure your space in class. Should you decide to purchase the books for class, that deposit will be used for your Crewpack (books for class). This covers the cost of the books and secures your space within the limited number of spaces in each class. If you request for your Crew Pack to be sent to you, we are not responsible for lost or damaged packages if you did not request for the package to be insured. You are still liable for that package. For any courses you sign up for, you will have 1 year to complete the course. A refund will not be given for any classes not completed within 1 year. Once you sign-up for a course and you receive books, there are no refunds.

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