Who should take this course? Everyone!

The very thought of dipping below the top during the night seems secret, yet so attractive. Although you’ve been diving at a niche site often before, during the night you drop into a complete new world watching it become more active under the shine of your dive light. The landscape changes as day animals retire and nocturnal microorganisms emerge. If you have wondered what goes on underwater following the sunset, join the PADI Night Diver Area of expertise course.

Exactly what will you learn?

Scuba diving during the night explains to give attention to what you can view in your light’s beam, on managing your buoyancy by feel, on sticking to your friend and on watching details you might overlook throughout the day. During three evening dives, you’ll practice:

Light handling and communication techniques.
Going into, exiting and navigating at night.
Identifying how crops and animals fluctuate or change patterns at night.

You might be in a position to get college or university credit for the night time Diver course – ask your teacher.

Also, the first dive of the PADI Niche Diver course may credit as an Excitement Dive toward your Advanced Start Water Diver documentation – ask your trainer about generating credit.

Also, the first dive of the PADI Niche Diver course may credit as an Experience Dive toward your Advanced Open up Water Diver recognition – ask your teacher about gaining credit.

How can you start learning now?

Simple just call us or stop by!

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