Gear and Rental

Your adventure begins at the dive center

Rent or Buy all of your scuba/snorkeling equipment. Expert insider information about our local springs is available, with our compliments.

Rental Gear Available!

Full Scuba Rental Package $ 75 per person per day
(Includes: Mask, Snorkel, Boots, Fins, BCD, Regulator, Weights, Wet Suit, Equipment Bag and 1 Air Tank)

Basic Scuba Rental Package $ 55 per person per day
(Includes: BCD, Regulator, Weights, Equipment Bag and 1 Air Tank)

Snorkel Package $20 per person per day
(Includes: Mask, Fins, Snorkel and Equipment Bag)

Price per Item, Rental per day, no refunds on unused tanks.

Air Tanks $12
Nitrox Tanks $18
Regulator w/Computer $ 50
Regulator w/o Computer $25
BCD (Weight Integrated) $15
Wet Suit – One Piece $10
Mask $5
Snorkel $5
Boots $5
Fins $5
Weights or Weight Belt w/ weights $10 plus $10 deposit
Equipment Bag (Included with rental gear)

All rental gear due back the following day by 11:00am or you will be charged for each day late including your due date. Rentals made on Saturday will be due back on Monday before 11:00am.

Although we do not offer snorkel adventure trips, we can give you directions and expert insider information about our local springs.

Visit Blue Springs State Park and you just might get a glimpse of our famous manatees.
Enjoy a quiet walk through the forest on the wooden path to the spring. Swim or snorkel your way into the past. Enjoy nature the way it was intended. Swim by Garfish, Mullet, catfish, Pacu and Blue Gill. Enjoy!

Visit DeLeon Springs State Park and The Old Sugar Mill Restaurant!
Make pancakes on the griddle which is part of your table. Park fees are required for entrance but the experience with be one of a kind. Stay for the day and swim or snorkel over the natural spring at DeLeon. Enjoy nature walks, the playground (for the kid in everyone) and a museum for you history buffs. Boat rentals available for the day. Visit their website for full details.

Visit Alexander Springs and enjoy this open water spring. Scuba diving and snorkeling allows visitors to view the abundant aquatic life and vegetation in the springs.

Interests and links for snorkel adventures and dive sites:

Deleon Springs
Blue Springs State Park
Dive Blue Grotto
Devils Den
Florida State Parks

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