Why P.A.D.I Open Water?

P.A.D.I. is the only agency that earns college credits and is the most recognized scuba training agency in the world. You will never have to “Call Ahead” to, make sure the destination you are going, accepts your certification for diving.

When are the classes held at Discover Diving Dive Center?

Regularly scheduled Open Water classes are held on weekends. Two consecutive weekends in a row, from 8:00am to about 3:30pm each day.

What will I need to provide for myself during class?

Your own mask, snorkel, boots and fins. You will also need two passport size photos for your 1 for your file and 1 for your certification card. We offer to take those for $5 and have a dive flag in the background (just one of our many personalized things we do). We have package pricing with a 20% discount if you purchase your basic snorkel set through us and you make the package up.

Ok, but what is the cost?

Only $290.00 for the certification, $110.00 for the Crew Pack (Books) for the P.A.D.I. Open Water course, recently revised total $400. We are the only shop in Volusia county teaching with and using computers and using the newest curriculum. Of course, we still teach you the Recreational Dive Planner (RDP) but this is no longer a requirement. This price includes the classroom sessions, the confined water sessions and both days of Open Water dives in our fresh water springs (Springs entrance fees not included), as well as your Academic “Crew Pack”. The crew pack is a zippered vinyl case which includes your Open Water Manual, your Computer Training Manual, your log book and your student folder. Also, includes the use of the scuba equipment necessary for class (i.e.: Weights, regulators, wet suit, BCD, air tanks and an equipment bag to carry all the essential equipment for your dives.) We NEVER charge for the rental of this gear. A DVD is required to help guide you through each Open Water chapter in your manual for a $35.00 deposit. When you return the DVD, we will give you $30.00 credit in return.

What if I can’t take the classes on the weekends, what else can I do?

You have the option to do an executive class. These are available and we work with your schedule to complete your certification. The low cost of $600.00 is the charge for this small class but you are the one who sets the schedule with the instructor. We can normally accommodate any schedule.

Great! How do I begin this lifetime of adventure?

Signing up for class is easy. Call or come into the store and find out when our next class starts. Pay for the books for that class and receive your Crew Pack. This is your non-refundable deposit.. Read each chapter and answer the knowledge reviews at the end of each of the five chapters, prior to the starting date of your class. Your first day of class is when your balance is due. We will help with all the rest.

P.A.D.I. – Professional Association of Diving Instructors

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